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12 Easy Letter E Crafts & Activities

We are done with letter d crafts and moving onto Letter E crafts! Eggs, eagle, edge, easy, elephant, Elmo…what excellent E words!

We are learning our letters and today we have letter E activities! If you are planning weekly lessons for each letter of the alphabet, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find a bunch of fun letter e crafts and activities to help your kids learn about the letter E in a fun way.

Choose a letter E craft!

These awesome letter E crafts and activities are perfect for kids ages 2-5. These fun letter alphabet crafts are a great way to teach your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener their letters. So grab your paper, glue stick, paper plates, googly eyes, and crayons and start learning the letter E! (This article contains affiliate links.)

12 Letter E Crafts For Kids

Elephant Craft

What a great way to learn the letter E. Grab your construction paper and glue for this elephant craft. You’ll be turning the letter E into an elephant! Kids love this fun craft idea.

Elmo Craft

Use fork painting to make Elmo from the letter E. via School Time Snippets

Eagle Worksheet

And here is an uppercase and lowercase E for Eagle tracing worksheet! This free printable template and a black marker is a great way to learn the letter e. via All Kids Network

Free Letter E Worksheets

Grab these free letter E worksheets to help practice the letter E in a fun way. Using a letter e worksheet is a great for preschool classes.

E Is For Eyes

E for eyes. Fill a letter E with googly eyes! via The Lion Is A Bookwork

Earth Craft

Make a blue and green earth from an E. This could also double as a great earth day craft as well. via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divaas

Letter E Eye Spy Tray

We love this fun letter E eye spy tray to hunt for letters. via A Little Pinch of Perfect

12 Letter E Activities- elephant made from E and is pink, elmo made from lowercase E, and the earth made from uppercase and lowercase E.

The Earth craft is so unique!

Envelope Craft

E is for envelope! Put them together to form the letter. via No Time For Flash Cards

Letter E Bird

Make a birds nest with a letter E bird. via The Imagination Nook

Eagle Craft

Turn the letter E into an eagle! via ABCs Of Literacy

Letter E Game

Use blocks on an empty letter E to make your own. via In My World

Egg Craft

Cut out a letter E and paint it with egg stamping. Keep those plastic Easter eggs because you’ll need them for this easy craft. This is a great craft for young children. via I Can Teach My Child


If you loved those fun letter e crafts then you’ll love these! We have even more alphabet craft ideas and letter E printable worksheets for kids. Most of these fun crafts are also great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners (ages 2-5).


homemade-sour-gummy-alphabet-for letter e

Looking for more alphabet crafts and free alphabet printables? Here are some great ways to learn the alphabet. These are great preschool crafts and preschool activities , but these would also be a fun craft for kindergarteners and toddlers as well.

Which letter e craft are you going to try first? Tell us which alphabet craft is your favorite!

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