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13 Easy & Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Baby

These simple homemade baby Halloween costumes are the perfect way to celebrate baby’s first Halloween! Making a DIY costume for baby doesn’t have to be complicated and many of these cute costume ideas don’t require DIY skills!

Babies might be too young  for candy but they’re too cute to miss out on the dress-up action in scary cute homemade Halloween costumes! Kids Activities Blog has found adorable and easy DIY baby Halloween costume ideas you can make for your little one this Halloween like a homemade cow costume, a brown puppy costume, a super happy garden gnome! 

These costumes are adorable. I can’t decide which one I love the most between the diy baby chicken costume or the homemade cow costume.

Easy DIY Homemade Baby Costumes

There are just so many homemade costumes to pick from! Which creative costumes are your favorite? Which of the homemade costumes for baby fit your child best?

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Adorable Baby Chick Costume

Want to win the world’s cutest baby costume award? Make this  no-sew baby chick costume  by Fun at Home with Kids. It is so easy to make and the best part is that the DIY doesn’t require a lot of time.

Spotted Puppy Costume

This adorable  puppy costume  is a great idea plus it is easy to make and oh so cute and cuddly, from This Heart of Mine. This sweet little puppy costume even includes spots! While the brown is super cute, I think I am going to make my baby’s costume black and white.

Beautiful Flower Dress Up

Your baby girl will look so sweet as a blooming  flower. Get the how-to from Your Wishcake. This costume is low-key, but easily made with things you may already have on hand. I don’t know about you, but I have a hoard of oversized headbands already which can be transformed into this adorable baby costume.

Happy Little Gnome Costume

It doesn’t get much cuter than this little guy! A baby dressed as a  gnome! Learn how to make your own on Adventure in a Box. This costume is adorable! The little red pointy hate and white felt beard really pull it all together.

DIY Care Bear

No sewing required, all you need is a sweatsuit and bit of craftiness and you’ve got yourself an adorable  Care Bear.  Get all the DIY details on See Vanessa Craft. This cute baby costume is just nostalgic and with retro stuff coming back, it is perfect.

Short Stack Costume

This short stack pancake costume is just way too cute (and easy) by Two Twenty One. Anyone who loves breakfast will love this adorable costume. It even includes the butter and syrup! This is one of the cute baby costumes my entire family wanted to help make.

We have even more easy costumes to make for babies and toddlers- like: this mermaid costume with a green head band, shells, and blue and green tutu, a baby dressed up like popcorn with a white and red blanket wrapped around it's carrier and popcorn on a cap while mom is dressed up like a movie theater employee with a red bow tie and white shirt. We also have a little yoda who is wearing a brown robe but has a green had with long green ears. The homemade cow costume is black and white with pink slits in the ear. Mom dressed her pregnant belly up like a jackolantern by drawing it on an orange shirt. The last one is a mummy costume, a onsie wrapped in gauze with googly eyes.
The force is strong with the little Yoda!

Simple DIY Halloween Costumes for Baby

Green and Blue Mermaid Costume

Dress your baby girl as an adorable  mermaid  with this easy costume and great idea by The Pinning Mama. The colors on this costume is perfect. All the cute ideas fit a sea theme with its lovely blues, greens, and seashells!

DIY Cutest Bag of Popcorn Ever!

Is your little one still snuggling in the carrier? Grab your hot glue gun and make him into a  bag of popcorn! From This Place Is Now a Home. I love this! It’s a family costume that involves mom or dad.

Dress Like Yoda You Must

Who doesn’t love a pint sized Yoda? Find out how to make your own over at Pulling Curls. This costume is perfect this year considering Star Wars is super popular right now. Not that it was never NOT popular and it is easy to put this together with Star Wars themed family costumes.

The Cow Goes Moo Costume

Easy and cozy, this cow costume is oh so sweet by My Nearest and Dearest. I have seen many different versions of this DIY ideas for a cow costume, but I think this one is my favorite made from a long-sleeved onesies.

Mom and Baby Jack O’lantern 

Baby still a bump? Make this adorable  pumpkin pregnancy shirt  from All Done Monkey. You can do your baby’s first Halloween early with this costume even before your little bundle of joy arrives.

Silly, Spooky, Mummy Onesie Costumes

Just the right amount of spooky (and super simple) this mummy onesie is perfect for baby’s first Halloween, by Craft-O-Maniac. This costume is so adorable and only involves gauze, white onesie and googly eyes!

More DIY Costumes and Halloween Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Psst…Personally, I’m not super crafty. But – I found tons of handmade Halloween costumes available on Etsy! Check out some of my favorites, here!

Which of the DIY baby costumes for Halloween was your favorite? What is YOUR baby dressing up for Halloween?

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