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14 Fun Halloween Sensory Activities

Halloween is such an awesome time to explore our senses. There are lots of ooey gooey things to play with this time of year like slime and pumpkin guts.

We gathered a bunch of our favorite Halloween sensory activities our kids love. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fun things that don’t make a huge mess.

Pumpkin slime, eyes, and goop…oh my!

Halloween Sensory Activities

Make Halloween fun, spooky, and fun with these sensory activities. There is slime, ooze, pumpkin seeds, eyes, and plenty of other squishy fun. These sensory ideas are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarteners. They all can benefit from sensory play! (This post contains affiliate links.)

14 Fun Halloween Sensory Activities

Halloween Sensory Bin

This brains and eyeballs sensory bin will totally gross your little ones out – ha! Of course, it’s just dyed spaghetti and water beads but we don’t tell if you don’t!

Monster Stew

Make a big batch monster stew – aka slime – with pretend bugs inside! via No Time for Flash Cards

Googly Eye Sensory Bags

This googly eye sensory bag is great for little ones that love to play but don’t want any mess. It’s super easy to make, too! via Clare’s Little Tots

Pumpkin Slime

Use the inside goo from your pumpkin to make this gooey pumpkin slime. This is so fun to play with. via Learn Play Imagine

Spooky Box Ideas

These mystery boxes will totally gross your kids out! There are lots of ideas here like olives for eyeballs and cooked rice for maggots. Eww!  via Inner Child Fun

14 Fun Halloween Sensory Activities- orange goo and pumpkin seeds, green goo, and green moon sand with black cauldrons.

That fake snot looks so ooey and gooey!

Halloween Gak Recipe

This orange Halloween gak is so fun to play with. Add some eyeballs and a green pipe cleaner to make a pumpkin. via Mess for Less

Fake Snot

Make this fake snot recipe the kids won’t be able to stop touching!

Melting Witch Sensory Bin

This melt the witch sensory bin is a fun combo of sensory and science. via Study at Home With Mama

Pumpkin Bag

Make a pumpkin sensory bag with the inside goo from your pumpkins. via Pre-K Pages

Monster Sensory Bin

Kids love to squish in this monster sensory tub with water beads. via I Can Teach My Child

14 Fun Halloween Sensory Activities with toy bugs, halloween spaghetti that is orange and black, and sand and pumpkins.

The creepy Halloween spaghetti looks like fun…and worms.

Mud Pie Pumpkins

This whole pumpkin patch mud play bin is totally edible! via Nerdy Mamma

Edible Eyeballs

These edible eyeballs are another fun sensory project you can eat. via Fun At Home With Kids

Witches Brew

Mix up all sorts of Halloween goodies and make a batch of  witches brew. via Plain Vanilla Mom

Halloween Sensory Ideas

Make ghosts out of shaving cream and add googly eyes! via Mess for Less

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8 Halloween Sensory Activities with paper, bottles, plastic bugs, goo, and mud, and pumpkins.

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