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25 Fun Math Games & Activities for Kids Who Hate Math

We have a collection of fun activities and interactive math games for children of all ages to give your child practice on important number skills in a playful way.

If your kids HATE math, you are not alone. Here are some math activities for kids to help them learn to love math one problem at a time.

Let’s play a fun math game!

If you do one of these activities every afternoon with your child, they will not only catch up to their peers and become more confident learners, they just might also discover a love of logic!

Free Math Games

Not everyone learns the same and unfortunately math is one of those things you either really get it or don’t. And if you’re one of the ones who don’t catch on to math skills right away, it can be frustrating.

That is where this fantastic list of fun math games comes in. There is something for everyone! I mean, who doesn’t like to play a fun game?

Fun Math Activities & Games

One of the easiest ways to reinforce a new skill is to practice it hands-on in a fun way. No matter the grade level – 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade or beyond…these cool math games are a fun way to practice what you learn.

Fun Math Games Using Uno Flip Deck of Cards

Why use math worksheets when you can use game cards to review math skills! Check out how this mom plays and learns using the classic game, Uno. This Uno Flip game creates simple math problems your child will need to solve! You could easily do this for addiction, subtraction, multiplication, or even division. via Childhood 101

Skip Counting Worksheets

Skip counting is one of the pre-requisites for a solid foundation in math skills. Help your kids understand patterns in numbers with these skip counting worksheets and one of the best math games that you can create on the driveway or front porch with chalk…oh, and getting the correct answer is easy and fun!

Fraction Games

Do your kids LOVE games, but hate fractions? Ours do! Practice and review fractions with the game Connect 4. This is one of my favorite fraction games because it is simple, but help familiarizes children with fractions, which generally are kind of difficult to learn. via No Time for Flash Cards

Fun And Easy Math Games For Kids

Have a Math white board – I love this idea for a class opening activity! Kids race to see how many ways they can combine numbers to make the answer. It is great for multiple levels of learning and is a simple, but fun, math games for kids that don’t require worksheets. via Fun Games 4 Learning

Fun Math games and math activities for kids - activities for little geniuses showing 4 different fun math games kids can play together
Oh the fun we will have playing puzzle games with math!

Math Games for Kids

Screen time isn’t always a bad thing. Your kids can learn while they play, on the iPad or android device with some of these Math Apps for Kids. There are so many different math apps for all ages!

Video: Math Maze

Mazes are a great way to keep your child independently focused on math. Not only does it double as a STEM activity, but this Maze activity can also teach your child about size, geometry and speed. This is a great math activity for 1st grade.

Money Math Worksheets

Money math – so easy to create a math money review lesson. All you need is a random handful of coins, a slip of paper with a total your kids need to reach and a jar of change. Then use these money math worksheets to help keep up with all the coins and their worth!

Lego Math

This Lego math is awesome! You can use Legos and toys to help explain the concepts of place value. Each row on the Lego math mat is a different place value whether it is ones, tens, or more via The Science Kiddo proving math skills is play!

Math quotes for kids - you should not only know what you are doing you should also know why and how - Harry Wong
This is so smart!

Make Math Fun for Kids

You should not only know what you are doing. You should also know why and how.

-Harry Wong

Multiplication Graph

You can literally see in 3D how multiplication and powers work and grow rapidly with 3D graphing. This is another fun Lego math activity, but this one will require quite a few more small Legos. via Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Marshmallow Shapes

Who says you can’t play with your food? These marshmallow shapes are perfect for kiddos who struggle with corners versus verticals. They will understand quickly the importance of corners when they are made of marshmallows! Edible geometry! via Playdough to Plato

Fun Math Games For Kids

Play a math game with your whole body – great interaction for antsy kiddos while also learning about place values. There are a couple different fun math games for kids to choose from, but both will have your children entertained. via Two Sisters to Teach

Fun Mathematics For Kids

Is skip counting “just a concept” to your kids? Help them see how multiplication works by skip counting with manipulatives. Don’t worry, these math games aren’t difficult, most of them involve sorting! via One Day at a Time

Times Table Tricks

Did you know there are times table tricks to improve the swiftness of math skills? Here is a trick to multiply the nines. Find the answer by folding down different fingers. This would have made multiplication so much easier when I was in school! via Come Together Kids

math worksheets for kids and puzzles, and a pop up graph, and a addition and subtraction math puzzle on popsicle sticks, and a fortune teller math game.
Oh so many fun interactive math games and so little time!

Hundreds Chart Puzzle

Skip Counting puzzles are a great way to learn about the hundreds chart and number families/patterns. All you need are these free math worksheets, cardstock, and plastic baggies to create this hundreds chart puzzle. via Playdough to Plato

Types Of Graphs For Kids

This one will take a little effort to make, but your child can make a math journal more interactive by adding Pop-up bar graphs. Kids remember things they create and this is a great way to teach types of graphs for kids. via Runde’s Room

Number Flashcards

These number flashcards are perfect to teach any kid to count! Not only do they have the number written in numeral form, but also word form, and has different geometric shapes depicting the quantity! Perfect for reinforcing each number. via All Kids Network

Math Puzzles For Middle School Kids

This Craft Stick Math Station idea is awesome! It’s math puzzles for middle school kids. Each stick matches another. Make a chain from the problems. You could easily do the same for kids in elementary school or even use it to teach algebra and geometry to high school kids.

Paper Fortune Teller Math Game

Review math facts with this paper fortune teller math game. Great game for learning multiplication facts or even matching fractions and checking your work.

math activities for toddlers and bigger kids using clothes pins, big dice, little yellow and red dice, jenga with sticks that have addition and subtraction on them, and sandwiches cut into fractions.
I love playing with math!

Fun Math Activities For Kids Who Get Frustrated With Math

Food Fractions

Food fractions is a great way to learn math! I am definitely more motivated when food is involved! Cut up your lunch and learn about fractions and amounts at the same time! Older kids will catch on to this immediately and younger kids will play along while they learn.


Tenzi the Math Dice Game is dice game that is addictive! You can adapt it for a wide range of kids learning levels. Best part is, it is simple to play and is great for multiple players 7 years and up! via What Do We Do All Day

Dice Games For Preschoolers

Go big! Create a dice from a large cube box. Dice can be used in so many learning activities like quickly counting sums or subtracting! You could easily use these large dice for bigger kids learning multiplication as well. via Parents

Jenga Games For The Classroom

Looking for Jenga games for the classroom? Then this block game is perfect because it is super adaptable. Use it for Speed Math Review. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write on the blocks, instead use stickers so you can swap them out when needed. via The First Grade Parade

Math Using Hands

Make hands for counting! That sounds super odd, but bare with me. You can learn math using hands. If you have a kiddo who needs just a little extra help understanding the concept of twenty or numbers after ten? Try this! It is an extra pair of hands to count on! via J Daniel 4s Mom

Fun Math For Kids

Have a number of the day – this is great for homeschooling families with multiple age groups and also for classroom bell openers. via Well Nurtured Plants and Pillars

Math Sight Word Play

Did you know there are math sight words? Make word problems easier for your kids to solve with word cards for them to memorize the common words.

More Lego Math

Pre-math skills – Symmetry. It is a great way to develop spatial awareness. You make one half and your child makes the other half. Plus, it is another fun Lego math project, learning math concepts with toys makes it much more fun I think. via Fun at Home with Kids

Coordinate Math

Play the game Gridlock to help your kids learn graphing principles. They will literally be able to see the graphs and the lines. This is one of my favorite math activities for kids. via Mathwire

Number Line

Number lines are a great way for kids to see the order that numbers occur. You can make your own number line. Remove clothespins and ask your kids what the missing number is. via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Multiplication Songs

Skip counting songs! It is our kids favorite way to learn their times tables. Here are the BEST math songs, including fun multiplication songs. These are the cutest! via Imagination Soup

More Math Games & Printable Worksheets from Kids Activities Blog

Which of the math games and interactive activities was your kids favorite? Did we miss any of your favorite ways to teach math basic skills and mental arithmetic to kids in a playful way?

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