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25 Genius Ways to Make Camping With Kids Easy & Fun

Camping with kids adds a level of difficulty to both camping…and kids.  We have collected a list of camping hacks, camping ideas and camping activities that have made camping easier for us as a family which means everyone has more fun in the outdoors.

25 Genius ideas for camping with kids - child in front of a campfire, child making campfire food and a mattress
We have so many camping ideas to make your next campout stress-free & awesome.

Best Camping Ideas for Camping with Kids

We have done the impossible three times in the past 2 months, we went camping with kids, thanks to these camping tips for families.

  • We have six kids ranging in age from 2 to 8, and let’s just say the idea of camping terrified me at first.
  • Now that we have a routine, I love it! 
  • In fact, camping with kids simplifies many of the things I have to do each day and having the family together in a low-stress environment of adventure is quality family time.

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Best Camping Hacks for Families Traveling with Kids

These are just a few of the camping tips that we have scoured the Internet for, and incorporated into our camping routine:

1. Car & Truck Tents are Awesome for Camping Kids

This tent fits right over the back of your truck so you don’t have to sleep on the ground! We also love these car top tents that I am seeing everywhere out on the highway!

Here are some more car & truck camping products we love:

2. Mobile Bunk Bed Makes Kids Camping More Fun

These mobile camping bunk beds are the ultimate in kid camping comfort! In fact, if you get this, I promise the kids will be sleeping in the backyard just to use it!.

3. Camping High Chair for Camping with Baby

Taking baby camping? Check out this foldable portable high chair and camping life will be simple again…just like at home!

4. Things to Do While Camping

We have over 50 camping activities for kids that you don’t want to miss inspired by summer camp. You are outdoors and you want to have fun…let’s make memories!

If you would rather just pick up a camp crafts kit, this one is pretty cool!

Camping With Kids (Tips For Families)

5. Pack in a Smaller Space Camping Hack

Pack clothes in a roll – When I pack for a camping trip, I lay pants out, then undies, and a top, and then roll the outfit together. Next, I secure it with a rubber band. The finished product makes it easier for the kids to keep each day’s outfit organized, and easy to find.

Don’t overlook packing pods when you are getting ready for camping. They may help you stay organized your entire trip.

6. Making the Campfire Made Easy

Make fire-starter “pods”–  Store your dryer lint in a cardboard egg carton, and pour wax over it. These “pods” will even start a fire in a drizzling rain! Plus, they give second life to items you would normally toss.

If you don’t have time to create your own fire starters, check out the wide selection of fire starters that are available unless you want to be on your own pretend Survivor journey.

7. Camp Food Station to the Rescue for Kids Camping

Create a camping food station –  I love this idea from Starling Travel! Use an over-the-door shoe organizer, and stuff the sections with your camping supplies.

Camping With Kids (Tips For Families)

8. Roasting Fruit vs. Roasting Marshmallows

Grill fruit – Sometimes it’s just easier for small fingers to grab the fruit and put it on the roasting stick by themselves. This is a lot healthier, and less messy, than roasting marshmallows!

9. Sleep on a Blow Up Mattress Camping Idea

Use a blow-up mattress for your kids to sleep on. You won’t need to worry about the discomfort of stones if you tent camp. It also takes up very little space in the car (once collapsed), making pack-up a breeze!

10. Peeing in the Woods Hack

Girls need to be able to pee standing up in nature? Guess what? They made a device for that.

Camping With Kids (Tips For Families)

11. Easing Bug Bite Discomfort when Out in Nature

Stop the itching bug bites – With chloraseptic spray! Just spray it on the red bumps, and the itching will stop (P.S. it also stains, so wait until it’s dry before clothes come in contact with it). This all-natural set is another great option for getting the itch to stop fast, without chemicals! There are a variety of solutions you may want to plan before leaving for your campout.

12. Storing Fishing Treasures where Kids Won’t Get Into It

A mini-tackle box – Helps to keep fishing lures in one place and away from small fingers. This is such a cool little DIY from Field & Stream, made from a Tic-Tac container!

Need a larger tackle box? There are a bunch of options for tackle boxes depending on what would work best for you.

13. Campfire on a Stick Camping Hack

You can still have the campfire experience, using candles on sticks, with this hack from A Subtle Revelry. I haven’t used this idea yet with my kids, but it could be a fun idea for a way to have light after the fire has gone out, once the  littles are in their sleeping bags.

If there is fire danger, then check out this wide selection of solar powered stake lights. Those could be really nice around your campground.

Dog water bowl and toilet paper dispenser - camping ideas for kids - Kids Activities Blog

14. Toilet Paper Saver for DIY Camp Ideas

We all want clean toilet paper. If you are roughing it, check out this idea from Field & Stream. Store your TP in a coffee canister. Or this really cute toilet paper carrier and dispenser is inexpensive on Amazon (pictured above).

15. Carry Pet Water for Families Camping with Pets

Do you bring pets with you? The KOA we were at had a dog park, and there were a bunch of friendly dogs for my kids to enjoy!  I love this idea from Field & Stream of cutting the bottom out of a jug and using that as your pet’s camping watering bowl. There are so many really new cool pet products out there that we found that do this if you don’t want to DIY it:

Camping With Kids (Tips For Families)

16. Sound Outside Camping Hack

We all know that we don’t want to bring technology camping, but sometimes rain happens, or your kids need an activity to wind down.  Time for DIY ipod speakers.  If you have wi-fi at your campground, use a solo cup as a speaker, with this idea from Lifehacker.

Or, let’s get serious. If you want better sound then check out some blue tooth speaker options.

Camping Activities & Travel Busy Bags for the Kids

17. No Mess Busy Bags for Kids Camping

Make busy bags – This no-mess “messy” play from Teach Preschool is a fun way to keep kids entertained while camping, or driving! You can add sequins, glitter, and googly eyes, too! Just make sure that you have really secured the bags shut, and supervise kids as they play.

This no mess Magna Doodle Board is travel sized and easy to slip into the car on the way to the campsite.

18. Busy Bags that Keep Kids Occupied

Here are 30 busy bag ideas for kids that you can make and take to keep kids away from boredom. Think little play kits that are portable!

If you would prefer to have it already made up, then check out these travel activity bags for kids packed with fun.

19. Camping Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Give your kids a nature bag and tell them to go on a scavenger hunt around your camp site, with this fun idea from The Creative Homemaker!  They can collect objects they find!

Camping With Kids (Tips For Families)

Camping Food Ideas for Families

20. Campfire Treats are a Very Important Camping Idea!

We have a collection of 15 of our favorite campfire desserts that are super easy to make at your next campout and EVERYONE will appreciate you more than you can imagine!

21. Pour Your Scrambled Eggs Camping Hack

Meals are chaotic while you are camping.   Scramble eggs for breakfast ahead of time, and keep your scrambled eggs in a jar.  You can pour them and cook as needed.

22. Portable Energy Balls for Camping Snack Ease

DIY Tasty Energy Balls – This snack from Instructables Cooking are perfect to grab on-the-go.  Bring them with you for a day of hiking!

23. Grilled Bananas over the Campfire

Grilled Banana Boats – Guys, this recipe from Lick My Spoon is beyond yummy! It tastes a bit like ice cream, when the chips melt into the banana.

24. Stock Up on Homemade Camping Granola Bars 

Homemade Granola Bars – These sweet treats from Feast for All Seasons are easy to make ahead of time, and can be used as a meal replacement if you have a picky eater, or if your meal is accidentally scorched in the campfire!

Camping With Kids (Tips For Families)

Camping Ideas…Just In Case

25. Camping First Aid Ideas for Camping

Prepare single use packets of antibiotic cream with this idea from Brian’s Backpacking Blog. This idea also works with hydrocortisone lotion. Both ideas are perfect for the times that your kids *will* get scraped knees and funky plant-induced rashes. You can also buy a box.

26. Newspaper Fire Logs for Your Campfire

Don’t want to buy firewood? Make your own blocks with old newspaper, with this tutorial from Instructables Outside. We have made one of these in the past. It catches fast and burns hot… perfect for breakfast.

Or if you would prefer not to make your own, check these out.

27. Camp in Cabin Comfort

Camp in a Cabin – Save your energy for the day’s activities, instead of the “drama” of a tent. This becomes even cheaper if you camp off-season, or share with family, or friends!  So many of the campgrounds across the United States also have cabin camping available and that is an affordable way to avoid the complete “roughing it” of camping with kids.

TONS of camping tips for families

Camping S’Mores Over the Campfire

28. Campfire Cones

Make Campfire Cones – They are basically s’mores inside of a waffle cone. We love to add marshmallows, dark chocolate chips, and fruit…. We’ve also made them with apples and cinnamon – so tasty!

29. Cast Iron S’Mores

These cast iron smores are yummy and super easy to make over the campfire in large quantities…not just one at a time with a stick.

30. S’Mores Only Better

Whip up a Batch of S’mOreos –  We love s’mores! They are our nightly camping ritual. Be Different Act Normal‘s spin on it, using Oreos, instead of graham crackers is to die for!

31. Pineapple Upside Down S’Mores

We like this recipe because it is easy to make and just screams the outdoors. On your next campout, try our favorite pineapple upside down smores!

Camping With Kids (Tips For Families)

More Camping Activities for Kids We Love

31. Make a Fort

One of the most entertaining camping activities for kids is using things they find in nature to build and create. We love these connectors to build a stick fort wherever you might be camping.

32. Need More Things To Do While Camping…

Here are more fun ways to get excited for your summer camping trips: 

What’s your best camping tip for camping with children? Which of these camping ideas are you most excited to try on your next campout?

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