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30 Ovaltine Recipes You Didn’t Know Existed

There are so many delicious Ovaltine recipes you can make!

We found the best and put it all out for you to drool on (just kidding) and hopefully make some yourself, because you all know, how much we love sweet things here at Kids Activities Blog.

Ovaltine is a classic drink most of us grew up on. If you didn’t drink it, then you have to remember the iconic Ovaltine scene from A Christmas Story. Either way, it isn’t just for drinking! Turns out, there are so many things you can do with Ovaltine!

Ovaltine Recipes You Didn’t Know Existed

Ovaltine Chocolate Pudding

Ovaltine isn’t just for drinking. Turns out you can make Ovaltine chocolate pudding! via Crazy For Crust

Homemade Chuckles

If you’re not familiar with what a homemade chuckles is, it is like a Whopper or Maltesers. via Jesska

Ovaltine Macaroons

Ovaltine Macaroons are gooey, chocolatey, and melt in your mouth. Yes, please! via Karenskitchenstories

Malted Milk Shakes

Malted milk shakes are a classic treat! Ovaltine makes the most perfect malted milk shake! via marthastewart

The Best Chocolaty Ovaltine Recipes

Marbled Chocolate Malt Marshmallows

I need to try these! Malted marshmallows covered in chocolate and jimmies? My mouth is watering! via Notsohumblepie

Ovaltine Brownies

Who doesn’t love brownies? I bet these Ovaltine brownies are extra rich and delicious. via I Was Born To Cook

Ovaltine Crisped Rice Treats

These Ovaltine crisped rice treats are the best. Gooey, sweet, crunchy, you couldn’t ask for more! viaKidsactivitiesblog

yummy ovaltine recipes

Deliciously Good Ovaltine Recipes

Easy Caramel Mocha Latte

This is right up my alley! Coffee, creamy latte, caramel and Ovaltine! Perfect for a treat or to start your day. via Anightowlblog

Ovaltine Nutella Cookies

Rich Ovaltine, Nutella…these Ovaltine Nutella cookies are chocolatey and nutty. via Dailywaffle

Malted Gooey Cake Bars

These malted gooey cake bars are gooey, tasty, and sweet, and has the added crunch of candy. via Crazyforcrust

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Easy Ovaltine Recipes

Ovaltine French Toast

Ovaltine and bread can make the best chocolate breakfast! You’ll definitely wanna try this Ovaltine French Toast. via My Recipes

Ovaltine “Ice Cream”

I used to eat this as a kid! It’s so rich and delicious, this Ovaltine Ice Cream is better than ice cream! via Nestleusa

Ovaltine Thins With Cinnamon Sugar

Oh my! These Ovaltine thins with cinnamon sugar are perfect with tea! via Technicolorkitcheninenglish

Ovaltine Marshmallow Cake

This cake is so pretty, and I bet this Ovaltine marshmallow cake tastes even better! via All Sort Of Pretty

ovaltine cookies

Cookies And Whoopie Pies…

Easy Ovaltine Sugar Cookies

I love sugar cookies and chocolate. So these easy Ovaltine sugar cookies are a yes for me! via Eat My Shortbread

Ovaltine Whoopie Pie Recipe

If you have never had a whoopie pie you haven’t lived! I can’t wait to try this Ovaltine whoopie pie recipe. The filling looks so rich and yummy. via Thecottagemarket

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It Tastes Better With Ovaltine….

Frozen Ovaltine Pops

Beat the heat with these rich Frozen Ovaltine pops. They only take 3 ingredients. via Friend Cheap Menu

Ovaltine Pancakes

I bet these Ovaltine pancakes taste like heaven! via Just Jen Recipes

Ovaltine Pudding With Honeyed Rice Krispies

This Ovaltine pudding with honeyed rice krispies will be your family’s favorite dessert. via Saveur

ovaltine recipes tasty

Ovaltine Donuts

Delicious Ovaltine donuts that are topped with meringue kisses are the perfect breakfast. via Teak and Thyme

Black Bottom Ovaltine Banana Bread

Looking for and easy way to use those overly ripe bananas? Use them to make this black bottom Ovaltine banana bread. via Key Ingredients

Hot Cocoa Mix Made From Ovaltine

This is a recipe that I need to save for the winter! The best hot coco ever. via Wonkywonderful

Ovaltine Shortbread Cookies

Shortbreads are great with coffee and tea and these Ovaltine shortbread cookies are the best. via Alidabakes

ovaltine desserts recipes

Ovaltine Fruit Dip

Holly says it’s magical. I’m sure it is, fruit and dip is one of the best combos when you’re craving something sweet. Find it at Kidsactivitiesblog

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Popsicles

Chocolate covered strawberry popsicles which according to some kids are ‘the perfect’ food Kidsactivitiesblog

Ovaltine Banana Muffins

Want something new for breakfast? Try these Ovaltine banana muffins for breakfast – Slim Shopping

More Ovaltine Recipes

Chocolate Cake With Ovaltine Frosting

This eggless chocolate cake using yogurt with Ovaltine frosting is perfect for any occasion. via Egglesscooking

DIY Ovaltine

Make your own Ovaltine. It is easy! via Vegetariangastronomy

Ovaltine Chocolate Gravy

Ovaltine chocolate gravy is amazing. If you’ve never had chocolate gravy, you’re missing out. via mommysmemorandum

Oreo and Ovaltine Jello Cake

Oreo & Ovaltine Jello cakes are the best. it’s a fun twist on a classic cake. via Makandelights


So did you pick your favorite Ovaltine Recipe? We hope you did find your favorite and got to make some of these delicious desserts.

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