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4 Free Printable Fall Coloring Pages for Kids with Fun Autumn Coloring Ideas

We have a bunch of free printable fall coloring pages for kids of all ages and a fun way to color the autumn coloring sheets that fully celebrates fall and the fall season.

Celebrate the change of seasons with 4 free printable fall coloring pages that kids will love. 

Download & print the letters “fall” among autumn leaves, a dog frolicking in a deep pile of fall leaves, a not-so-scary scarecrow standing alert among sunflowers and our fall activity checklist filled with childhood memory-making fun.

Let’s download & print a fun free fall coloring page!

And if you are looking for other fall coloring pages for kids of any age from toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and older kids…even adults, keep reading because we have included a BIG resource list of the best fall coloring pages at the end of this article.

In fact, these fall printables are among our most popular coloring pages pinned on Pinterest.  Each autumn families and classrooms print and create together with these popular printables.

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Free Fall Printables for Kids to Color & Paint

These printable coloring pages are easy to print, color, and turn into colorful masterpieces!

Our kids enjoy coloring, it’s one of their favorite quiet activities to do while I am one-on-one homeschooling a sibling. This past week, they had fun coloring fall leaves together. We also have a fun scarecrow, dog, and fall activity list to color, too! 

You can download the coloring page that we enjoyed together, just click on the orange button below these instructions to grab your free set of fall coloring sheets!

fall coloring page with the letters fall and autumn leaves

Adorable Fall Coloring Sheets for Kids

We grabbed our coloring page supply list.

OK, there are some non-traditional art supplies on our list. 

Let me explain the method behind our coloring madness just a bit more…

coloring page art supplies for fall coloring pages for kids

To decorate fall coloring pages

Craft Supplies We Used

Seeds & Spices We Used

Using spices for art?!

You can just grab what you have on hand.

We will explain what the spices are for later.  

Fall coloring pages with coloring art supplies like crayons, markers and seeds

How to Decorate Our Fall Coloring Printables 

Next, I let the kids color their fall coloring pages!

We tried different techniques to give the leaves color and dimension. Below, you can see what crayon and marker look like.

Crayon Resist Marker Coloring Technique

  1. First we traced along the veins of the autumn leaves with crayon, talking about the importance of veins not just for us humans, but for leaves and plants, too!
  2. Then, we used marker to color the rest of the leaf. This technique is called crayon resist, because the marker resists the crayon, so the veins of the leaves seem to pop out.  
crayon relief technique for painting and coloring fall sheets

Crayon Resist Art Watercolor Technique for Coloring Pages

My daughter did the same crayon resist technique, but used watercolor paints, instead of marker.

The results were fabulous!

The different shades of the watercolors give the leaves even more dimension.  

Painting relief technique on fall coloring pages for kids art project

Fall Harvest Coloring Pages

Adding Seeds

After the kids colored the leaves a variety of fall harvest colors, we filled in the letters with glue, and poured mustard seeds over the word “fall”, to add texture and make it stand out!

This led to a really interesting discussion of texture in artwork, and how it can really add to a piece of art.  

Using glue and seeds on fall coloring pages

Sensory Crafts With Free Autumn Printables

Adding Spices

After the fun of the texture lesson, and the fact that it added to the sense of “touch” in this activity, we decided to take it to the next level, including the sense of smell

We headed back into the cupboards to pick out some yummy fall spices.

My kids settled on pumpkin pie spice and apple pie seasoning, which seemed fitting for fall.

fall sensory experience with spice technique on autumn free coloring pages

Adding Fall Scents to Our Coloring Page Art

  • Other spices and smells to consider are cloves and cinnamon.
  • Even peppercorns could add dimension, and would be something a little different!

Just be careful, and maybe wear disposable gloves (wash hands well before touching face or hands, after!). 

finished fall coloring pages in variation of techniques

Educational Play and Learning with Coloring Pages

Add more fun and creativity to coloring time by seeking ways to add dimension to your picture!

In addition to coating pictures with seeds, our girls also love sprinkling their pictures with glitter, or painting over the coloring page with a dark color to make the crayon “pop” out.

Fine Motor Skill Development with Simple Art Techniques

Coloring is a great way to work on fine motor skills.  Not only staying inside the lines, but also squeezing glue to fill the letters, and then sprinkling the seeds, so as to not waste them, all help our girls work develop skills they will need for writing! 

Next time try these variation ideas:

  1. Print these printables on cardstock, to keep the shapes more firm so that you can have more options to make fall decorations out of your creations!
  2. We love to take advantage of free leaf printables on cardstock, so that we can cut them out, and use balled up pieces of tissue paper in fall colors to decorate the leaves.
  3. Next, just punch a hole in one end, and string a DIY fall harvest garland!

Download & Print Our Free Printable Fall Coloring Pages pdf File Here

We have multiple fall coloring pages that you can download and enjoy with your kids. The DIY Activity list (below) is a great way to have your children help create your fall bucket list!

More Fall Coloring Pages for Kids from Kids Activities Blog

 How did you color or decorate your fall coloring pages? Did you do one of the crayon resist techniques or use seeds and spices? Tell us in the comments below!

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