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40 Bunk Beds For Kids

Have you been thinking of getting bunk beds for kids? It’s a great way to save space (very needed in child’s room) and create a lot of fun and adventurous moments for your kids.

Because let’s admit, bunks beds are cool thing to have in your room.

Fun And Cool Bunk Beds

We have searched and searched to find and inspire you with the best bunk beds for kids. 

We also categorized them so you can decide what your family needs.

Whether you need a triple bunk bed with free plans or you want to buy a bunk bed, we have it all. (This post contains affiliate links.)

40 Bunk Beds/Playhouses Your Kids Will Love

Playhouse Bed

Bunk bed and a playhouse – this bunk bed/playhouse looks like a real house. It even has a house number. via Ikeahackers

Super Cute Bunk Beds

Cute bunk bed for girl. I love that the stairs are actually a storage. Genius! via architecturaldigest

Fabric Playhouse Bunk Bed

This simple bunk bed for kids becomes a playhouse with just some playful fabric around. What a great idea! via apartmenttherapy

Modern Bunk Bed Playhouse

These Bunk beds for kids can also fit with your clean and modern design of your house. via weekdaycarnival

Bunk Bed With Reading Nook

This bunk bed is a great idea if you have vertical space to spare (tall ceilings).   Who wouldn’t want a secret reading space up by the ceiling? via nurserynotations

Mario Castle Bunk Bed

Mario Castle bunk bed for kids – is what I dreamed of when I was little girl. via ana-white

2 Story Home Playhouse Bunk Bed

Bunk bed – play house – this one looks like a 2 story home. How fun! via ana-white

Bunk Beds For More Than 2bunk beds for more than 2

Bunk Beds For 3 Kids

Bunk bed for 3 brothers – three beds, two desks and a ton of storage opportunities. Perfect plan! via casakids

Bunk Beds For 4 Kids

Bunk beds times two – that means 4 beds! Imagine the chatting going on in these beds! via casakids

Bunk Beds For Kids On One Wall

4 beds on 1 wall – I love that they’re roomy and the individual light seems to be very practical. via HGTV

Built In Bunk Beds

This custom bunk bed build-out is awesome, especially the built-in chalkboard. via design-milk

Beach Style Bunk Beds

Bunk beds for kids (4) beach style. via Houzz

Chic Loft Bunk Bed

Simple but chic loft bunk bed that was creatively configured to fit two twin beds under it so that the triplets could have a bit more floor space for playing. via apartmenttherapy

Hanging Bunk Beds For Kids

Hanging bunk beds for kids make one pretty awesome kids’ room design. via apartmenttherapy

Family Bunk Beds

Bunk bed for the entire family – or a family with a lot of kids. via hotelchicblog

Huge Bunk Bed Set

This huge bunk bed set reminds me of a tree house. via homedesignlover

bunk beds mobile


Fire Truck Bunk Beds

Fire truck bunk bed for kids – must be dream come true for many many boys. via handycandyman

Bus Bunk Bed

Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse – the coolest thing ever. via instructables

Tractor Bed

Tractor bunk bed for the little fans of John Deere tractors. via woodgears

Train Bed

Build a train bunk bed for kids – full instructions. via instructables

practical bunk beds

Practical Bunk Beds For Kids

Bunk Bed With Crib

Bunk bed for kids with the crib under – perfect for when a new baby sibling is born. via anawhite

Bunk Beds For Small Spaces

Bunk bed for a smaller space – with a lot of built-in storage. Perfect for shared room. via diyhomeart

Bunk Beds In The Closet

Bunk beds for kids in the closet – for really small spaces with some big closets. Cool idea! via thefykes

Folding Bunk Bed

Murphy Bunk bed that actually folds in back in the wall – coolest thing ever! via diynetwork

bunk beds 40

Cool Bunk Beds For Kids That You Can Actually Buy

Low Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed for Kids 

Low twin over twin bunk bed with slide, play on the slide even on a rainy day!

Dorel Living Moon Bay Loft Bed

Loft style bunk bed for kids – wit the study area under. 

DONCO Twin over Full Campsite Loft BUNKBED Rustic Dirty Grey

Tree House Bunk Bed – This whimsical bedroom hideaway has a pull-up ladder.

Children’s Bunk Beds

A big variety of bunk beds for kids to buy. via casakids

Playhouse Bunk Beds

Super Fun playhouse/bunk bed for kids. Making playing inside fun again.

Ikea Mydal Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is from Ikea. Creative mom painted it red. Can you believe it? So pretty! via ohhappyday

bunk beds with desks

Bunk Beds For Kids With Study Area

Two Loft Beds

Mirrored loft beds for two siblings – with enough space under for a lot of studying to do. via casakids

Wooden Bunk Beds For 2

Cute wooden bunk bed for 2 with some space under. via apartmenttherapy

Bunk Beds With Storage

This ingenious structure holds a bunk bed, shelves for books, toys and an adjustable-height desk. via apartmenttherapy

diy bunk beds

Bunk Beds For Kids You Can Actually Make Yourself

Rustic Cabin Bunk beds

Rustic cabin bunk bed. Estimated cost: $365. via ana-white

Dolonm Full Over Full Bunk Beds with Trundle

Nontraditional bunk bed for kids even has a pull-out bed for slumber parties.

DIY Bunk Beds

DIY bunk bed for kids. I can’t believe she built it herself. Estimated cost $850. via ana-white

Fairytale Bunk Beds

Bunk bed for a sweet pea – this bunk bed looks like it came from a storybook. So colorful and cheerful. via birdsandsoap

Pallet Bunk Beds

Bunk bed for kids made from pallets. There is nothing you CAN’T make from pallets. via recycledcraftsy

Castle Bunk Bed

Make your own Castle bunk bed with the slide.   Full detailed instructions included. via ana-white

DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed

DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed looks so cool. It looks like a cabin or tree house. Would be cool and kind of like camping!


bunk beds for kids big

With more than 40 bunk beds for kids I hope you found what you were looking for. A bunk bed that would be perfect for your family.

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Which bunkbed do you like the most? Will you be getting one of these bunk beds? Let us know down below!


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