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47 Ways YOU Can Be The Fun Mom!

Having fun isn’t always top priority as a parent.  There is plenty of structure, rules and reasons.  But, sometimes there is room for some fun.  Sometimes, it is nice to loosen the reigns a bit and goof off.

I remember the day that I first saw my mom let loose on the reigns and allow herself to just let go.  It was such a refreshing memory.   I saw her laugh and just have fun and I remember thinking “If we were born at the same time… I bet we would have been really good friends.”

Today we’re sharing lots of new ways you can try and be a fun mom, too.  

Inspired by, KC Edventures.   If you missed her interview this morning, go check it out.  

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How to Be the Fun Mom

Play Pranks

Do pranks together – your kids will love bringing some surprise to another person’s day. We are especially fond of pranks here at Kids Activities Blog, here are some of our favorites:


Make your kids laugh with a tickle fight, or one of the other 10 ideas on that page.

Stop the Fun Police

A great post on how one mom became the fun police.  We don’t always realize how much we hover over our children, trust them and take a tiny step back.

Put on a Silly Face

Have a silly face contest – see who can have the wackiest face.   Here are some face printables that will make your child giggle.

Tickle Tickle

Have a tickle war!!  Or a smoochy-kiss chase!  Chase each other around the house and when you catch the other person give them a big smoochy kiss!

25 Ways to Be the Fun Mom

Date Day

Take your kids out on a date and celebrate “family day”.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a playground scavenger hunt.  Use this list of things to find and do and travel around to new playgrounds to find them.  This is a great adventure for the family. Check out our nature scavenger hunt printable for kids of all ages too.

Make a Treat

Make and share a milkshake, together – here is our peanut butter shake recipe.   You can even blow bubbles in the cup! (Our secret shake-making weapon can be found here)

Read Together

Read a story, or ten, to your child.   On a favorite book, put yourself or your child into the book, replace the name of one of the characters with your child’s name. (This one is our current favorite!)

Be Scientific

You can have a good time learning, too!  Here are five really fun ways to teach science.  Go outside on a hot day with a cup of water and learn about condensation!

Disguise Yourself

Make super spy pipe-cleaner disguises together and talk to each other in your “spy voices”.

Start Silly Games

Play “edible pillow”. Your child is your “pillow” – they also happen to  talk and laugh!

Bubble War

Find an app and play *together* – my kids love teaching me their favorite games.

Turn Everything to OFF

And… turn off the devices, have a afternoon focused just on your child – here are great hands-free mama tips.

Joking Matter

Tell your kids a joke. Here are some of our favorite funny jokes to tell:

Make Big Art

Give your kids a big canvas to paint on.  Here are eight different ideas like throwing away the paper and try painting on an old fence, the windows (with window markers, of course) or the bath tub. (We always get our canvases here)

Family Slumber Party

Have a family slumber party.     Everyone (even mom and dad) should bring their sleeping bags and camp out on the living room floor.

Piggy Back Ride

Give your kids a piggy back ride… and if you are a dad, here are another 25 tips for connecting with your kids.

Make a Paper Airplane

Have a paper airplane battle.  Fold paper airplanes and try to throw them at each other. Check out how to make a paper airplane and a fun competition you can have once they are folded.

Road Trip…Kinda

Go on a road-trip – for ice cream.   Go on a meandering ride with your kids and stop for ice cream on the way home.

One Big Cookie

Bake a cookie with your kids, but not just any cookie – make it a GIANT one!

Take a Moment Together

Take a moment every evening to tell your child how much you love them and talk about the fun things you did together – reflect on family time.

Get a Tattoo

Get washable markers and draw tattoos on each other.

Do a Dance

Have a song that is just for you and your child… be silly and dance to it (below is our “family song”)…

Go for a Picnic

Go on a picnic together – even if it is for breakfast!

Fly a Kite

Fly a kite – even better if you take the time to build your kite together first!

Color Together

Color a picture together!  Try to use silly colors that your child would not expect. Here are a few of our most popular coloring pages:

Pom Pom War

Blow pom poms across the room with straws. Check out our list of 45 hands on activities to do with kids.

Wear PJs

For the remaining  ways to be a cool parent, including letting them do something daring or having breakfast outside in your pj’s.  Sometimes it’s good to think outside the box!

17 Hugs

Have you ever wondered how many hugs do we need a day? <–there is my answer!

More Fun from Kids Activities Blog

What fun activities did we miss? How do YOU like to be the fun mom?

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