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Adorable Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft for Kids

This polar bear craft for kids is so cute and requires just a paper plate, markers and glue and is easy with our printable polar bear template.  Kids of all ages will have fun making this cuddly polar bear and it makes a great preschool polar bear craft.

Let’s make a polar bear today!

While polar bears are certainly around all year long, we tend to talk about them more during the winter months because of their ability to live in arctic temperatures. This fun polar bear craft is easy to make and requires only a few supplies.

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Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft

This activity helps work on your child’s cutting skills, and keeps the mess at bay as there’s no paint to worry about! It works well with preschoolers at home or in the classroom and could be cut out ahead of time for younger crafters.

Supplies Needed


Step 1

Download the Polar bear craft template:

Print off the free pattern and use it as a guide to cut the half circle from the bottom of the plate. The easiest thing is to cut out the template and then use it as a guide to draw lines on your paper plate for cutting.

Polar Bear Craft from a Paper Plate - pieces cut from polar bear template
This is what the pieces look like if you follow the template!

Step 2

From the half circle, cut out the head and the ear. This is what your pieces will look like once they are cut out.

Polar Bear Craft from a Paper Plate - glue the head/neck on from the back
Let’s add the polar bear head and neck.

Step 3

Tape or glue the head to the back of the plate so the tape or glue won’t be seen from the front.

Polar Bear Craft from a Paper Plate - adding details like the polar bear ear eyes and nose
Let’s add details to make the polar bear cute!

Step 4

Use a glue stick to attach the ear to the head.

Step 5

Use a pink marker to color the inside of the ear, and a black marker to add a nose and an eye.

finished Polar Bear Craft from a Paper Plate
Isn’t our homemade polar bear adorable?

If you like you can add a bow tie or a hair bow by cutting one from construction paper and gluing in place.

Fun Facts About Polar Bears

  • Want something to talk about while making this project? Here’s some fun things you can discuss with your kids while they create!
  • A polar bear’s skin is actually black, even though their fur appears  to be white. Their fur is actually hollow and reflects light making it appear white.
  • A male polar bear can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds.
  • A female polar bear usually weighs in at only half of what males weigh.
  • Polar bears have 42 teeth, 10 more than humans do.
  • Polar bear cubs weigh only a little more than a pound when they are born, about 6 pounds lighter than the average human newborn.
  • Polar bears have water repellant fur due to its oily nature, which allows them to quickly shake dry after swimming.

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