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Adorably Creepy Paper Plate Spiders Craft

Today we have a super simple paper plate craft that is great for kids of all ages. We are making paper plate spiders! With just a few supplies, kids can easily create these creepy crawly spider craft paper plates to hang at home or in the classroom.

While we are creating this as an easy Halloween craft for kids, this paper plate spiders craft has year round appeal!

Let’s make paper plate spiders!

Paper Plate Spider Craft

I love a good paper plate craft because it usually uses things that I already have on hand or I can easily substitute. Manipulating the thick paper of the plate is great for fine motor skills and kids can plan out how they want their paper plate craft to look.

Today we are making a spider craft out of paper plates. Follow along on how we made ours or get adventurous and make your own paper plate spider craft idea.

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Supplies Needed


Quick and easy paper plate craft spiders - they're so cute! child painting paper plate and finished spider craft
It is super easy to make the paper plate spider craft…

Step 1

Paint the back of the paper plate the desired spider color. We used black, gray and some silver paint we had leftover from another project. Because painting is messy, I was glad it was nice outside to paint on the back porch.

Once you have the back of the paper plate painted, let it dry.

Step 2

Get out eight pipe cleaners (or however many legs you want your spider to have) and place a generous amount of glue on the tips of the pipe cleaners. 

Make sure you count all the pipe cleaners with your little one!

The pipe cleaners are hard to glue down, so if your glue doesn’t work then feel free to use tape and tape four of them to each side.

Step 3

Add googly eyes…you are going to need a bunch because some spiders have as many as 12 eyes! Kids can choose how many eyes their spider will have.

Step 4

Add a string for hanging!

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How did your paper plate spider craft turn out?

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