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BIG Set of Free Earth Day Coloring Pages for Kids

April 22, 2022 is Earth Day this year and we have a really fun set of Earth Day coloring pages that kids of all ages will love. These Earth Day colouring pages are simple pictures of earth to color and some other fun recycling coloring pages too!

Let’s color some Earth Day coloring pages!

Earth Day Coloring Pages for Kids

It’s time to get outside, enjoy Mother Nature and teach our kids how to save our planet, conquer global warming and change the world around them.  They can start with this set of Earth Day coloring pages as part of really fun Earth Day activities.

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Today we have 14 different coloring pages for you today all with a global theme – earth for coloring – since Earth Day is near.

  • Download and print out the Earth Day coloring pages of your choice and have a chat with your kids about reducing, reusing, and recycling!  
  • All 14 coloring pages feature a different Earth Day picture! These coloring pages are sure to be a highlight of your Earth Day activities.

Kids Activities Blog loves our planet and how these Earth Day coloring sheets can open lines of communication with kids and start important conversations about care of the earth.


Earth for Coloring Set Perfect for Earth Day

Earth Day Coloring Page - boy holding globe pdf - earth for coloring
He has the whole world in his hands…

1. Child Holding the Earth Coloring Page

Our first Earth Day coloring page shows a boy holding the globe in his hands. The big ball is earth to color. Grab your blue crayon because the world is filled with water!

Earth Day Coloring Page - girl holding globe pdf - earth to color
She is holding the whole wide world in her hands…

2. Child Holding the Earth Coloring Page

Our second Earth Day coloring page shows a girl with a globe in her hands.  The beach ball size earth for coloring will be perfect for your green crayon to fill in all the land between the earth’s water on the globe.

Earth Day Coloring Page - hearts surrounding a globe pdf
The world is surrounded with love.

3. Earth to Color: World Surrounded by Hearts Coloring Page

This Earth Day coloring page is my favorite of the series.  This printable picture of the earth is a large world surrounded with hearts.  Our planet really is being hugged by those who love it!

Earth Day Coloring Page - recycling grocery bag pdf
Grab your reusable grocery bag on the way to the market!

4. Reusable Grocery Bag Full of Groceries Coloring Page

Earth Day is a great time to remember to place those reusable grocery bags in a place that you won’t forget on the way to the store!  This recycling coloring page might be a good thing to color and place on the back door as a reminder!

Earth Day Coloring Page - recycling bin with bottles pdf
Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

5. Recycling Coloring Page

This recycling bin coloring page is perfect for Earth Day and is a fun way to explore all the things that you can recycle.  Talk with kids about how recycling is just the first step.

Earth Day Coloring Page - child holding recycling bin pdf
Let’s take the recycling bin out!

6. Kids Recycling Coloring Page

One of the best chores for kids is recycle bin management!  I love this Earth Day coloring page shows how important this task is for not only the family, but the world.

Earth Day Coloring Page - child holding bottle next to bin
Sort the bottles into the recycling bin!

7. Kids Sort Recycling Coloring Page

Sorting the recycling bin is great fun and quite a good game of matching…and “what doesn’t belong!”  This Earth Day coloring page shows a boy sorting the bottles in his house into a recycling bin.

Earth Day Coloring Page - child shopping with reusable bag pdf
Let’s walk back from the store.

8. Child Walking with Reusable Grocery Sack Coloring Page

This girl is walking home from shopping with her full reusable grocery bag.  Getting fresh air is so fun and helps decrease global warming.  Have a conversation over this Earth Day coloring page.

Earth Day Coloring Page - child holidng bottle next to recycling
More sorting is needed in this recycling bin!

9. More Recyclables Sorting Coloring Page

Let’s save the planet with some recycling! This Earth Day coloring page celebrates the art (and science) of recycling.

Earth Day Coloring Page - child throwing away trash
Earth Day is the perfect day to pick up your yard.

10. Yard Clean Up Coloring Page

Earth Day is the perfect day to look around your close environment and choose to pick up trash, recycle and make everything look better and greener!  This Earth Day coloring page celebrates all things Earth Day clean up!

Earth Day coloring page - recycling arrows surrounding globe pdf
The universal recycling symbol hugs the globe!

11. Recycling Symbol & Our Earth Coloring Page

I just think this looks a little like the universal recycling symbol is hugging our world!  And it should be.  One thing that this Earth Day coloring page can inspire is action beyond our own yard. I love this earth to color surrounded by the recycling symbol.

Earth Day Coloring Page - earth with flowers growing
Our earth is green with butterflies!

12. Mother Earth Grows Green Plants Coloring Page

I know I said earlier that the hearts surrounding the world was my favorite Earth Day coloring page, but I kinda can’t make a final decision when I see this one!  This Earth Day coloring page is so sweet.  It shows a plant spouting out of our planet with butterflies dancing around.

Earth Day Coloring Page - chid picking up trash pdf
Let’s clean up our neighborhood!

13. Neighborhood Clean Up Coloring Page

Let Earth Day be the inspiration for a neighborhood clean up!  What fun!  This coloring page can get the conversation started.

Earth Day Coloring Page - tree
Let’s hug a tree!

14. Earth Day Tree Coloring Page

I just really feel the need to hug this tree!

Ways to Make Your Earth Day Coloring Pages Greener

Since Earth Day is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling, consider these options to make our coloring pages more Earth friendly:

  • Print them on Recycled Paper
  • Print them on scrap paper
  • After printing and coloring, fold in half and give as a greeting card
  • Frame the page and display as Earth Day art
  • Print multiple pages per sheet. To do this, under the Print form, select ‘multiple’. You can choose to print between 2 and 16 per page!

Download & Print Free Earth Day Coloring Page Set Here

Coloring Page Graphics from MyCuteGraphics.com


Explore more of our Earth Day activities. We have delicious recipes, fun activities, and more here at Kids Activities Blog!

What was your child’s favorite Earth Day coloring page from the set?

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