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Colorful & Fun Magnetic Locker Clip Craft

This locker clip craft is easy and fun and great for kids of all ages…even the older ones. With just a few supplies and a unique creative vision, kids can make a locker clip that will help organize their school lockers. Or use this colorful clip on the fridge at home.

Do you have a tween heading off to middle school? Then this craft is a must-make!

Let’s craft a locker clip for our school locker!

This Magnetic Locker Clip is perfect for holding extra schedules, bus assignments, school maps, and flyers that need to be sent home.

It will help kids stay organized and make their locker look super cool too!

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Magnetic Locker Clip Craft for Kids

Magnetic Locker Clip
This is what you will need to make a locker clip for your locker!

Supplies Needed


Magnetic Locker Clip

Step 1

After gathering all of the supplies, invite kids to cut the tissue paper into small squares. Kids can expedite this process by cutting multiple sheets of tissue paper at once!

Magnetic Locker Clip

Step 2

Wet the brush with Mod Podge, then use the wet brush to pick up a piece of tissue paper. Brush the tissue paper onto the wooden clip, then repeat the process, covering the entire clip.

Be sure to overlap colors so the wood doesn’t show!

Magnetic Locker Clip

Step 3

Allow the Mod Podge to harden and dry completely, then attach adhesive magnetic tape to the back.

Now the clip is ready to hang inside of a locker. This clip is also fantastic for home use on the fridge! We use ours to hang coupons.

Magnetic Locker Clip Craft

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What colors did you make your colorful locker clip craft?

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