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Design Your Own Love Paper Doll Printable Craft

We have an original free printable paper dolls template for Valentine’s day! 

Get creative and decorate your own Valentines themed pretend play  with  this Design Your Own Love paper doll printable set. You can color and customize this paper doll printable.

Print out and decorate this paper doll template. Color the clothes, hearts, and even the kitty!

Love Paper Doll Printable

Play with friends or you can also give this as a valentine’s gift to someone special. This kit comes with all kinds of love themed accessories and outfit add-ons to our basic paper doll set. Download, print and add  little sparkle!

Design Your Own Free Printable Paper Dolls

These free printable paper dolls come with all kinds of love themed accessories.

Clothes you can color and cut out plus a cute little kitty to play with last month’s puppy paper doll!

The clothes are designed to fit our basic paper doll by Jen Goode plus can be colored for both boy and girl outfits.

Paper dolls plus hearts, cupcakes, and a kitty.

Decorate your paper dolls clothes anyway your want. Color them your favorite colors, add hearts, you could even add glitter.

Free Printable Paper Doll Template PDF Files

You will need our original Paper Doll Template for the base figure. This free printable doll printable comes with:

  • A Dress
  • A Sweater
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • 2 Pairs of Shoes
  • A Pair of Boots
  • A Heart Hand Bag
  • Cupcake
  • Hearts
  • Cat Bed
  • Cat
  • Cat Bowl

You can add glitter or color or even paint your own paper doll outfits. Draw your own patterns or use the accessories just the way they are.

Design your own Love paper doll with this free printable set and combine with the other paper doll themes for a big playset to play with friends. Have fun and share a little play time love!

Free paper doll cut outs which include: a handbag, dress, sweater, socks, 2 pairs of shoes, hearts, a cat, cat bowl, cat bed, and cupcake.

This free paper doll cut out includes: 3 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, a hand bag, cat and cat accessories, a cupcake, and hearts!

Free Paper Doll Cut Outs 

This paper doll template does require some cutting skills, and while it may seem a little daunting, we got some tips for you!

Cut out the center of the handle on the bag, simply cut across the top of the bag on one side of the handle and then cut the center out. 

If you have a child helping cut out pieces, this is a much safer way to cut than poking a hole while still working on fine motor skills.

The bag will still stay on the doll even with the handle cut like this. You can always use a little tape to repair the purse as well if it is a problem.




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