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DIY Paper Plate Clock Craft to Kids How to Tell Time |Kids Activities Blog

This traditional paper plate craft for kids of all ages has a twist…it is a paper clock craft that kids can use to practice how to tell time with a secret place to check their time telling skills.

two types of paper plate clock crafts for preschool kids to make a paper clock craft and then use it to practice their time telling skills - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make clocks & then practice how to tell time!

DIY Clock Craft for Kids

Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids to tell time? Try making this paper plate clock with things you already have at home.

It takes just a few minutes to make and your kids will have fun learning to tell time. 

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This preschool clock craft is great fun to make and works well for kids in the classroom or at home.

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supplies for making diy clock using paper plates
Gather your supplies to make this simple and fun DIY clock to learn telling time.

Supplies Needed for Making Paper Plate Clock Craft

Instructions for Making Paper Plate Clock Craft

Paper plate with numbers written on like clock
Write the numbers for the clock on the paper plate. 

Step 1 – Number the Clock Face

Take a marker and write the numbers for the clock on one paper plate. Follow a clock you have at home as your clock template.

Minute hand and hour hand on a foam sheet drawn using pen
Cut them using scissors and use them on the other side so that the markings are not visible

Step 2 – Craft the Clock Hands

Make clock hands on a foam sheet using a ruler and a pencil or pen. One tall hand as minute hand and one shorthand as the hour hand. Cut them using scissors. 

How the paper plate clock looks at front and back after attaching the clock hands
Add a dollop of hot glue to the back of the paper plate to avoid poking the pushpin. Use pliers in case you want to bend the pin a little bit.

Step 3 – Assembling the DIY clock 

  1. Stack the two paper plates on top of each other with the one showing the clock face on top.
  2. Place the minute hand on the top of the hour hand and poke a hole on one side using a push pin.
  3. Then mark the center of the paper plate and poke a hole.
  4. Attach the clock hands through the center hole of the paper plate that extends through both paper plates stacked together.
Cut the paper plate clock in between the numbers
Use scissors and cut in between the numbers

Step 4 – Make the Minute Peek Windows

Now use scissors and cut between each number as shown.

Make sure you don’t go beyond the center circle of the paper plate where the clock hands are. 

Add the minutes of the clock to the second paper plate under
Colorful minutes for easy recognition.

Step 5 – Add the Minutes Under the Flap

Use colorful markers to write the corresponding minutes under each number on the second paper plate below.

Homemade clock  using paper plate is done
Homemade clock using paper plates is now ready to teach your kids the art of telling time.

Your DIY paper plate clock is now ready!

If you are feeling more crafty and wanted to try a different type of DIY clock that rotates to view the minutes. Keep reading. 

Make a Variation of this DIY Clock Craft for Kids

We thought it would be fun to make a variation of this paper plate craft for older kids or that works well as a learning tool in the preschool classroom. Here are the steps you can take to make this paper clock.

supplies for rotating paper clock
Try this version of a paper plate clock for non-stop fun.

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Paper Clock Variation

Draw two circles on the plate for the clock
Use plates and jumbo markers cap as templates for drawing circles if you don’t have a compass.

Step 1

Draw two circles- one big for the clock and another small one about 1/2″ diameter for minutes using a pen or pencil on one of the paper plates. I am not mentioning the size here as it depends on the size of the paper plate you are using.

Use a craft knife to cut the circles.

glue the cardstock and use markers to write clock numbers and minutes
Write the clock numbers and minutes using markers

Step 2

Next, use two different color cardstock to cut two circles to glue on the other paper plate. One circle should be of the size that fits the center part of the paper plate and another circle that is 1/8″ larger than the big circle that you drew in the previous step.

Glue the cardstock one above the other on the paper plate using a glue stick. 

Step 3

Place the other paper plate on top of the paper plate you just glued with cardstock. Use markers to write the numbers for the clock and also rotate the paper plate and write the corresponding minutes to each number in the small circle. 

Glue the plastic sheet on the inside of the paper plate
Use markers to mark the plastic sheet and trim the excess with scissors to fit the sheet inside the plate.

Step 4 – Assembling the plate clock

  • Remove the top plate and glue the plastic sheet on the inside of the paper plate using hot glue or clear tape. 
  • Now place the plate covered with a plastic sheet on the other paper plate.
  • Use the same method as the previous one to make clock hands and attach them in the center to complete the clock. 
Paper plate clock with rotating minutes for preschool kids
Teach time using the simple homemade paper clock using paper plates


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Two different paper clock for preschool kids to teach time
Perfect preschool clock to teach time to your little ones

Which one of the two is your favorite Homemade paper clock? Tell me in the comments below.  

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