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Easy DIY Natural Spider Repellent Spray to Keep Spiders Away

I am not a big fan of spiders in my house so this easy DIY spider spray is perfect! The good news is that it is a natural spider repellent that you can make yourself at home and not be afraid to use it liberally because it is made out of peppermint oil.

Getting rid of spiders is suddenly easy now that we know that there are natural alternative solutions that actually work!

Let’s get rid of spiders without strong chemicals!

If you are like me (and most people!) just a thought of a spider crawling down the wall freaks you out.

Last year we moved to a farm house and had one unpleasant surprise. Spiders everywhere!

The last thing I wanted to do is fill our new house with toxic chemicals in my spider hunt.

So I researched on natural spider remedies and I found out that peppermint essential oil is one of the best ways to get rid of spiders.

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Homemade Natural Spider Solution

So I started trying out different recipes for my DIY natural spider spray.

Peppermint essential oil might smell amazing to me and you (it’s my daughter’s favorite oil), but spiders are not big fans of this smell.

In fact, they hate it so much they can’t even get close to it.

Supplies Needed

Essential oil tip: Use a GLASS spray bottle because essential oils can eat up (degrade) plastic.

spider bug repellent
This spider repellent has two ingredients – peppermint EO and water.


Step 1 – Make the Essential Oil Spider Repellent

Fill your small glass spray bottle with water and then add peppermint oil. This spider spray recipe was created with the small 2 oz spray bottles in mind, but if you have a larger bottle just add the appropriate amount of additional peppermint essential oils.

Step 2 – Use the Spider Spray

Shake it well before using.

Spray this spider “juice” around window frames, doors (inside and out), small cracks in the ceilings, walls, bathrooms.

I even spray it on the outside porch.

Step 3 – Reapply Weekly

I usually do this once a week (twice during summer), it takes just few minutes and it works as a natural home spray that smells really really good.

Since I started using my “spider spray” I haven’t seen any eight leg creatures.

I am happy they are alive outside, but away from my house!

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How did your natural spider repellent work? Were you able to rid your home of spiders with this natural remedy?

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