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Free & Easy Fill-in-the-Blank Holiday Thank You Cards for Kids

Today we are featuring one of our very first printables here at Kids Activities Blog. These printable fill-in-the-blank thank you cards are perfect for post-holiday gratitude and solved the issue I had in my house that my kids didn’t want to write thank you notes for Christmas presents!  

Let’s write our Christmas thank you cards!

Printable Fill in the Blank Thank You Cards

We all want to raise children who display gratitude. Regularly expressing thanks can help kids learn that other people are spending time and energy on their behalf.

Enter Christmas gift thank you notes!

But let’s be honest. Writing thank you cards can sometimes be time consuming and difficult. “Encouraging” your children to write thank you notes can be even more so!

Thank You Coloring Pages Make Great Kids Cards

And for even more fun, they double as  Christmas coloring pages for kids.

These printable Christmas thank you cards are super cute and will teach your kids to be thankful and thoughtful to others around them.

With this download you will get 3 thank you printable:

  • 1 Thank You snowman printable card with a snow flurry border and bows on 2 corners.
  • 1 Peppermint Thank You printable card with stripes and 2 bows on the corners.
  • 1 Reindeer Thank You printable card with a plaid border and bows in the corners.

Download & Print Thank You Printable Cards pdf File Here

fill in the blank thank you notes that kids can color
Just fill in the blanks to write a thankful thank you note.

How to Write a Thank You Note

Thank you notes have five parts and follow the basic structure of a friendly letter.

Thank You Note Heading

For most thank you notes and friendly letters, the heading is the date. If you want to get a little fancier, you can also include your return address above the date.

Thank You Note Greeting

This is the “Dear _____,” portion of the letter. Feel free to get creative it you are related to the recipient!

Body of Your Thank You Note

For thank you note purposes, this can be broken down to three simple topics: what you received, how you are going to use it, and a general happy statement of summary. For younger kids, eliminate the summary statement like we did on the printable fill-in-the-blank thank you notes. Older kids can expand those areas with an additional sentence or short story about the topic.

Thank You Note Closing

This is a short, capitalized expression like: Love, Sincerely, Thanks, etc.

Your Signature

Sign it and you are done!

Family Thank You Notes

One year, our family threw the basic structure of thank you notes out the window and instead sent a photo thank you card from the whole family.

In the end, it took a little more time, but I love that the kids really got excited about the project. Hopefully the recipients realized how much we appreciated their gifts!

More Christmas Coloring Pages

Let’s explore some more free printable Christmas coloring pages! Many have winter themes…and who doesn’t love Santa? We love celebrating the holiday season with free Christmas printables.

Which of the Christmas thank you cards was your child’s favorite? Did the fill in the blank thank you cars for kids make writing thank you notes easier this holiday?

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