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Free Printable Expanded Form Place Value Math Worksheet Game for Kids

Today we have a math game that explores place values with expanded form worksheets and an easy way for kids of all ages to grasp, practice and play with the expanded form of the number they are learning about!

This Free Printable Place Value Worksheets Game for Learning Expanded Form will give your kids great hands-on experience with any given number for place values and manipulating numbers and quickly expanding and adding them.

Let’s explore expanded form math with these place value worksheets!

Depending on your school’s math curriculum, you may find expanded form math skill concepts as early as 2nd grade, sometimes 3rd grade, but usually it is a fourth grade math lesson. Even if you aren’t a 4th grader, learning expanded form can be a ton of fun with this printable worksheet set that doubles as a fun math game. For 5th grade students this can be a great review.

Kids will have fun with learning about place value of whole numbers in different ways:

  • ones place – 1 digit number
  • tens place – 2 digit number
  • hundreds place – 3 digit number
  • thousands place – 4 digit number
  • ten-thousands place – 5 digit number

Free Printable Expanded Form Game Worksheet

Teaching expanded notation be a tricky concept because kids aren’t used to taking apart a number. With this printable expanded form game, it’s easy to SHOW kids how separating numbers into their parts can be quick even if they start in word form!

Printable Expanded Form Game Contents

The 11 page set comes with number cards for each place value, 4 different 10-sided dice and a worksheet for them to practice on.

To make this game at home or in the classroom, you will need:

  • Printer
  • Regular sized paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Pencil

To Make the Expanded Form Game

  1. Download & print the free printable expanded form game pages (see button below).
  2. Cut out the four colored 9 sided dice.
  3. Use glue on the tabs to form the dice shape & allow to dry.
  4. Grab the additional expanded form worksheets from the pack to use as a recording sheet and get ready to play…
pdf versions of the 9 sided expanded form dice set shown in colors green, pink, blue and red
Cut out the expanded form dice & glue together on the tabs.

Play Expanded Form Game

To play, kids roll the dice and then choose the cards that match for each of the 4 place values.  

For example, if they roll a 4, 6, 3 and a 9, they might pick the 4 card, the 60 card, the 300 card and the 9000 card.  

Then they write these numerals into the spaces on the expanded form worksheet.  

By stacking the cards up in size order, largest on the bottom, they’ll quickly SEE the total once they are added together.

They can also practice going the opposite direction by stacking the cards first and then pulling them apart to see the expanded form version.

Get your FREE Printable Place Value Game for Learning Expanded Form!

Let’s play a fun math game and learn all the things about expanded form!

What is Place Value?

The math concept of “place value” is that every digit of a number represents a certain value because of its position.

Place value definition chart showing number 4762731 with each digit defined by its place value from tens to millions - Kids Activities Blog
Place value is lowest on the right and highest on the left!

A place value chart can help us in finding and comparing the place value of the digits in numbers through millions. The place value of a digit increases by ten times as we move left on the place value chart and decreases by ten times as we move right. 

–Get more information over at SplashLearn.

With practice, kids can easily convert standard form of the number to expanded form of the numbers starting first on paper. Eventually they will be automatically thinking the expanded form of a number naturally.

What is Expanded Form?

Basically, the math concept of “expanded form” breaks up a number based on the number’s place value and EXPANDS it to show the value of each number.

For example, the number 546 in expanded form would be 500 + 40 + 6

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How quickly did your kids catch on to expanded form with this fun game?

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