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Happy 2022! Print These Free January Coloring Pages for Winter

It’s a new year we have something fun to celebrate…January coloring pages! These free printable winter coloring pages have snow scenes that you can color from the comfort of your warm house!

Download & print these adorable January coloring pages!

Kids Activities Blog is grateful to have teamed up with Petite Lemon to bring you January themed winter fun. While these January coloring pages were created with kids of all ages in mind, the artistic fun makes them the perfect January coloring pages for adults as well.

January Coloring Pages = Winter Coloring Pages

January is pretty awesome even though it often gets overlooked. 

  • Did you know that January is the coldest month in the Northern hemisphere
  • Did you know it is officially the second month of winter? 
  • Did you know that January’s gem is the garnet? 
  • Did you know that January’s flowers are snowdrop and carnation?
  • January was named after the Roman god, Janus.  Janus symbolized beginnings and ends…kinda fitting, huh?

Original Winter Coloring Pages

I love these winter coloring pages so much.  Let’s take a closer look at all the coloring fun you get when you download & print our pdf January coloring pages…

January coloring page from Kids Activities Blog - the word January in the sky with snowflakes, three animals skating on a pond and some trees
Yay for January!

1. January Coloring Page

The first original coloring page is the sweetest skating forest friends with the word “January” in the snow-filled sky on a winter afternoon.

You will color pine trees, snowflakes, a skating bear with a plaid scarf, a penguin with a warm woolen cap and a rabbit who is wearing a winter coat and scarf.

January coloring pages - Oh what fun penguin ride - Kids Activities Blog
Color the penguin’s sled journey…

2. Sled Coloring Page

The second coloring sheet contains cuddling penguins with a swirling blizzard “let it snow.”  They are riding on a snow sled away from a log cabin with smoke coming cozily out of the chimney — it just looks like winter!

You will color the snowy hills that the sled has covered on its journey away from the little cabin.

January coloring pages - let it snow snowman and snowwoman - Kids Activities Blog
While cozy and coloring inside, “Let it snow!”

3. Winter Snow Coloring Page

The third January coloring sheet features a pair of snowpeople.  You know…a snowman & a snowwoman both dressed for cold weather with earmuffs, scarves and a woolen cap.  Making snowmen is the best way to play in winter!

You will color the stack of snowballs they have ready to play.  And do you think the bird should be red?  Blue?

Download & Print the January Winter Coloring Pages here:

Then grab your favorite winter crayons, colored pencils, or markers and have your kids start the new year with a burst of color!

January Coloring pages - three adorable coloring pages for kids

Which one is your favorite January coloring page?

I just can’t decide…

More January Fun from Kids Activities Blog

More Coloring Pages from Kids Activities Blog

Are you looking for other kids coloring sheets this January? Check out these printables and other coloring ideas:

These  January coloring pages have been created by our friends at Petite Lemon.  You can view all of their personalized goodness at  PetiteLemon.com.  Thank you!

Did you have fun coloring the January coloring pages?  Which of the winter coloring pages was your favorite?

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