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Make the Coolest Little LEGO Pocket Case

I love this simple and small DIY project to create a travel LEGO case that is so tiny that it fits in a pocket. Kids can take their favorite bricks wherever they go for impromptu LEGO play!

Let’s make a LEGO case!

DIY Lego Case

Legos are the perfect toy.  My kids can play with them for hours.  Every time they can create a new and different world.

 As the kids have gotten older there is more waiting in our weeks, waiting for siblings, waiting for sports, waiting in the car to get to our destination, etc.

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Make a LEGO PoCket Travel Case

We made a pocket Lego case to help fill those down moments.  It is loved! Plus, your kids will love making this fun Lego craft.

This Lego craft is a great way to spend time together, but is also a great way to help your child make their own toys and fun. Plus, around holidays and birthdays this Lego case makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

While Legos are fun, remember this Lego craft and Lego case requires the use of small Legos. It may not be suitable for smaller kids who still stick toys and fingers in their mouths.

Supplies You’ll Need To Make This Lego Case

What Glue Works Best for Lego Pieces

You want something really strong as it will have to hold up to a lot of pulling and prying.  We suggest Gorilla Glue – it is the hardest glue out there that is easy to use… if you don’t have that you can use liquid nails… a touch overkill, but we had fun squeezing it out.

What Small Containers Work Best for Pocket Containers?

We used Ice breakers as they had a durable plastic container that was still small enough for our pockets.  I bet there are other small containers out there.  I love that the colors of the containers matched Lego plates we had on hand.

Anything that is “one-wide” or the thin pieces works great. Stuff your container full. You will be surprised at the amount of bricks you can fit!

How To Make A Lego Case:

Who would of thought you could use a green Ice Breakers ice case, white glue, and Lego boards to make a Lego carry case.

Step 1

Glue the LEGO plate down onto your gum container.  

Step 2

If there are any edges overlapping, you will want to file them down before you glue it together.

press the plate onto your gum case for a pocket lego play game
Once you have the plate on, all you have to do is wait!

Step 3

Press the plate onto your container and hold it tight for a couple of minuets to make sure the bond is strong.

Step 4

Then let the case cure overnight.

How Long Does it Take to DrY?

Do not begin stacking bricks on the plate until it has fully cured. Playing with it before the glue dries may pull up the board. If that occurs you’d have to start the craft over again.

lego case your kids can make with an empty gum box text free
You can build so many things!

Ah, the little worlds you can make if you had a spiderman-lizard with a flower house in your pocket.  The possibilities are endless.

traveling lego case for kids made out of a gum tin
This LEGO travel case makes a fun homemade gift.

Themed Lego Sets

Lego has so many different themes and sets to choose from. Some are smaller and some are bigger, however, because of this, you could potentially make themed Lego cases!

Kids like different things and no body likes doing the same thing over and over. 

You could easily make multiple Lego cases or have a couple different Lego sets or miniatures on hand to continually swap out the bricks and figurines in your child’s Lego case.

This will help keep playtime interesting!


  • Gorilla Glue
  • Ice Breakers
  • Small Lego Pieces


    Glue the plate down onto your gum container.  If there are any edges overlapping, you will want to file them down before you glue it together.

    Press the plate onto your container and hold it tight for a couple of minutes to make sure the bond is strong.

    Then let the case cure overnight.  


Do not begin stacking bricks on the plate until it has fully cured.

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Did you make the LEGO pocket case?

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