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Printable Flower Template: Print & Cut Out Flower Petals, Stem & More

Use this free printable flower template for flower cut out magic! This flower coloring sheet is perfect for kids of all ages to create a fun craft of gorgeous flowers.

Create a pretty petalled paper flower with just a few simple steps.  Your flower can have as many petals as you wish and add the stem and leaves for a complete flower craft.

Grab your scissors, colored pencils or paint to make beautiful flowers with this template!

Flower Printable: Paper Flower Templates

Make a whole bouquet of paper flowers with this free printable flowers coloring sheet craft. Change out the color and coloring patterns to celebrate the season of flowers with this printable template.

  • Color, count, and decorate the flower petals, and then put them all together to make a pretty flower.
  • You can also add your own pattern and designs to the blank petals on the coloring sheet.

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Free Printable Flowers Craft Template to Color

The printable flower petal template page includes 8 different petals. You can printable multiple pages to create matching sets, or use the single sheet as is.

Design your own patterns, color or paint however you like, or even print on colored paper. You can also use this printable as a template to cut out the flower pieces from your favorite scrapbook or colored paper.

Make one flower or a whole bouquet!

Printable Spring Flower Cut Outs - print & cut out each flower petal and stem to arrange a flower - flower pieces seen
Use scissors to cut out the flower pattern…

Flower Cut Out Template

I like the idea of printing off multiple copies of the printable page and creating flowers that are coordinated by color or by pattern.

Use the printable template to cut out flowers of all different patterns.

Supplies Needed to Make Spring Flower Cutouts:

Printable Flowers Cut Outs Template designed by Jen Goode - flower petals being arranged to form a completed flower
Arrange the cut out flower petals in the desired way for optimal flower prettiness…! {giggle}

Steps to Make Paper Flower Craft

  1. Download & print the free flower template (click on pink button below) – you may want to print off more than one copy if you want more than 8 petals on your paper flower
  2. Color or paint the petals, stem and leaves
  3. Cut out the colored petals, stems and leaves
  4. Glue your flower cut outs onto another piece of paper

Spring Flowers Cut Outs – Petals, Stems and More to Arrange

If you are creating spring flowers, then use these flower patterns to color and then use these as spring flowers cut outs.

Cut out each piece and use as intended or create the unexpected!

Doesn’t that flower stem look like a straw?

What kind of fun could be created if it were?

Printable Spring Flower Patterns to Color designed by Jen Goode - arrangement of cut out flower petals with pattern colored
This is how I am arranging my cut out flower pieces this time!

Flower Patterns to Color – Colored Pencils, Paint, Crayons…

These flower patterns are perfect for coloring.  Grab your colored pencils, crayons or watercolor paints and make a masterpiece.

Each petal on the flower pattern is so different…even in black and white. 

And that becomes exponentially larger when you start coloring the template!

Printable Spring Cut and Paste Craft designed by Jen Goode - cut out flower petals arranged in a different way with colored pencils
This is how I am arranging them this time!

Download & Print Spring Cut and Paste Craft PDF Files

Now grab a larger piece of paper, card stock or poster board and create a flower garden with all your spring cut outs after downloading and printing your pdf files. Download it several times because each time you decorate it, the printable look will be different!

Get creative on what your definition of a flower garden might be. My preference is bright colors…

Preschool Flower Craft

While adults and older kids love this flower template, it can be used for younger kids too.  In fact, using it for learning can sneak in some education while working on fine motor skills.

Are you working on colors or counting?

This printable Flower Craft page is a great activity for your preschool counting practice, color matching or talking about same and different.

Grab some crayons and have fun!

More Flower Crafts & Art from Kids Activities Blog

Spring crafts are already fun, but when you add in an educational aspect, kids will be hooked! Try these fun ideas: 

How did you decorate & arrange your flowers?  Let us know!

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