Spooky Halloween Toilet Roll Black Cats Craft for Kids

These black cats with bright yellow eyes made from toilet paper rolls are the cutest Halloween craft around!  Kids of all ages will want to get in on the fun with this simple black cat craft.

Cats, bats and spiders are the absolute go-to crafts every Halloween – and these Toilet Roll Cats are just so simple and so fun you just have to make with your kids, at home and at school…. just paint, glue and stick in the pipe cleaners! That’s it!

Let’s make these cute black cats out of toilet paper rolls!

Black cats have gotten a bad reputation for centuries which makes the black cat an easy connection to Halloween. But here at Kids Activities Blog, we don’t believe in the black cat bad luck legend. I like how it is explained here…

Even today many people think black cats bring bad luck. Around Halloween for example, black cats are portrayed on all sorts of decorative items, often accompanied by witches.

Luckily, there are some places in the world where black cats are considered good luck. In Scotland for example, a strange black cat arriving at your home is believed to bring prosperity. In the rest of Britain, a black cat crossing your path is considered good luck. The same goes for Japan.


Today we are making Halloween good luck black cats!

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Supplies Needed

All you need are some TP rolls or kitchen paper cores, black paint, pipe cleaners, some yellow paper and a black marker.


toilet roll cats halloween

Step 1

Start by squishing down the top of the paper tube cores to create to ears, as show in the photo.

toilet roll cats halloween

Step 2

Paint with black paint and leave aside to dry. The joy of painting toilet roll cores is that the paint soaks in and dries super fast.

toilet roll cats halloween

Step 3

When dry it’s time to watch the cats emerge…
– cut lemon shape pieces of yellow paper and draw the pupils on with black marker
– glue on the eyes
– make little holes in the cores, push in the pipe cleaners and bend to make the tail and whiskers

Time to get your Halloween crafty pants on!!

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How did your black cat craft turn out? Did your kids have fun making toilet paper roll cats for Halloween?

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