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Super Easy Kid Decorated Pencil Pouch Craft

This super easy pencil case craft is great for kids of all ages and works perfectly as a back to school craft idea. Let kids personalize their school pencil pouch in their own creative way and then use their artistic expression every day at school to carry pencils and other school supply essentials!

Help your kiddo get pumped about another year of learning with this fun and  easy back to school craft.  One of the best parts of going back to school is the fresh school supplies!  

Let’s make a pencil case craft!

Pencil Case Craft for Kids

Your kid can turn an ordinary pencil pouch into something cool and personal with this easy craft.  Perfect for all ages, this would look cool with toddler scribbles or big kid doodles.  

Whether your child is starting preschool or entering junior high, they are sure to dig decorating a pencil pouch.  My son, who is just now getting the hang of drawing thought it was a blast.

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Supplies Needed to  Create a Kid Decorated Pencil Pouch

Directions How to Decorate a Pencil Pouch

back to school craft directions for how to create a personalized pencil case craft for kids steps 1 & 2 shown
Here are the simple steps to creating your own personalized pencil case!

Step 1

First place a piece of cardboard cut to size inside your pouch.  This will help make sure the pen doesn’t bleed onto the opposite side.  It will also make drawing easier if there is a zipper on one side.

Step 2

On the front of your pouch use a ruler to draw writing lines (two solid with a dashed on in the middle).

Have your kiddo write their name on the lines.

Step 3

Flip the pouch over and let them go to town.  It might be helpful to have your kid  practice their design on a piece of paper first.  You can suggest a back to school theme or just let their imagination run wild.

Step 4

Remove the cardboard, fill with freshly sharpened pencils, and don’t forget to put it in that new back pack!

Hurry, grab a Sharpie and make sure your kid has the coolest pencil pouch in class!


How did your personalized pencil case craft turn out? What was your favorite thing about making a pencil pouch your own?

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