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Thankful Turkey Can Craft with Printable Turkey Template

The Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to make a turkey craft with kids using a recycled can and the free printable turkey craft template. Kids of all ages can participate in this Thanksgiving craft whether in the classroom or at home.

Let’s make a pencil holder turkey craft to hold our pens & pencils!

Make a Thankful Turkey Pencil Holder Craft

Every Thanksgiving we like to journal the things we are most thankful for. This Thankful Turkey Craft with Free Printable makes a super cute pen and pencil holder which works perfectly with your gratitude journal. Pair this finished pencil holder turkey with a gratitude journal for a sweet gift of thankfulness.

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Thankful Turkey Craft with Free Printable
Download your own turkey template below…

Supplies Needed


Step 1

Download & print the turkey template on card stock:

Step 2

Cut out the turkey template pieces with scissors.

Step 3

Glue the scraps of the paper bag ripped into small pieces to the sides of the can. Then, coat that with glue.

Step 4

When the glue dries, add the wings.

Step 5

Paint the can turkey body and the wings brown.

Step 6

Paint the feet, tail feathers, and the beak orange. 

Let dry.

Step 7

Next, fold the beak, and glue half of the beak down so that your turkey has a mouth.

finished Thankful Turkey Craft with Free Printable sitting on notebook paper with pencils inside

Step 8

Glue googly eyes, and paint some eyebrows over them with orange paint.

Your Thankful Turkey Can Pencil Holder

Fill your Thankful turkey can with pencils and pens.  Every day, sit down and journal what things are you most thankful for?  

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Set aside some family time so that everyone can share what they are grateful for! 


How did your thankful turkey can craft turn out? Are you making an extra Thanksgiving craft to give as a gift?

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