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The Rebarkable Crate Training Information Center!

Crate training is something a lot of puppy parents swear by – it’s actually how I toilet trained Indie and was a management solution I used for a bit with Shelby & Lucy. They are incredibly powerful tools… if you use them right.

This post acts as a central source of all things crate. Whether you’re looking for the FAQ, a How To, or otherwise. If it exists on Rebarkable? It’ll be in here so that you can find and reference everything, all under one, neat and tidy banner. Simple, huh?

This can apply to dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. But if you need any help? Just let me know!

What Is Crate Training?

Crate training is the process by which we adjust and desensitise our dogs to associating a crate (kennel, den, whatever you wish to call it!) a comfortable space for them. Oftentimes this is used for their bed, safe space and zone of zen in and around your home and as a management solution for toilet training and sometimes for balancing the needs of your household (such as keeping a rambunctious puppy away whilst your toddler is having tummy time!).

However, they are used for safe transport, at the vets and groomers, by emergency rescue services and for recovery after surgery. Thus, it’s advisable that all dogs are adjusted to being in a crate and taught to feel comfortable in this sort of space.

All The Crate Training Info

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